In most investment firms, it does. Preston Wealth Advisors offers a different approach. We ask what you want and take the extraordinary step of listening to you. What we’ve found is that all clients, regardless of age, income, or employment status want 2 things: asset protection and growth. We’ve built our practice to meet their expectations.

How We Work

Preston Wealth Advisors probe until we understand your risk tolerance’s precise latitude. Then we invest in the highest performing asset mix at a risk threshold acceptable to you.

Because we manage our own portfolios, Preston Wealth Advisors has complete discretion in how and where we invest.


Protecting Your Assets

First, we make trading decisions based on data, rather than emotion. Preston Wealth Advisors has developed a proprietary, patent-pending algorithm that constantly monitors the market, identifies growth sectors, and pinpoints specific performing ETF’s and Mutual Funds. Sector agnostic, the algorithm analyzes data daily and alerts us to buy or sell based on indicators we’ve selected and continuously tune. A Preston Wealth Advisor reviews the data before ever executing a trade.

Secondly, we take more aggressive positions when the market rises and sell when indicators signal it will fall. In the event neither fixed income nor equity investments offer enough return to justify the risk, our advisors can move 100% to cash. In 2008, our algorithm protected clients, limiting their losses in our most aggressive portfolios to just 5%, when the S&P dropped 37%.

Growing Your Wealth

The same algorithm protecting clients in volatile markets maximizes their investments when it roars. Many of our retired clients avail themselves of our growth funds because they trust our algorithm to protect their principal while multiplying their assets.


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