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At Preston Wealth Advisors, we provide you with an uncommon approach to the growing and securing of your wealth. Because we believe in making trading decisions based on hard data, not emotion, we utilize algorithms & indicators that monitor the market, identify growth sectors and pinpoints high performing stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

Our unique approach aids us in our efforts to protect your investment during downturns and seeks to maximize returns as the market rises. As an active money manager, our focus is on reviewing portfolio strategies regularly.

We believe that if the markets are active, the portfolios should be managed according to these shifts as well.

Our methodology allows us to distinguish those sectors of the market that exhibit strong upward momentum, providing us the ability to effectively grow your wealth. When volatile conditions unveil warnings of risk, we can move your portfolio partially or entirely into cash in order to try and ensure the security and protection of your investment.

Preston Wealth Advisors works with you until we understand your risk tolerance’s precise latitude and the goals you have during your life and into retirement. Then we invest in the highest performing asset mix at the risk threshold acceptable to you. Because we manage our own portfolios, Preston Wealth Advisors has complete discretion in how and where we invest.
First, we make trading decisions based on data, rather than emotion. By using multiple investment methodologies inside our strategies, we spread the risk associated with the equity markets across different brands of asset allocation. We may incorporate fundamental, tactical, technical and quantitative analysis all within one portfolio. This is done in an effort to reduce systematic & non-systematic risk through the incorporation of engineered beta. Our goal is provide enhanced capital appreciation while mitigating risk and limiting losses across all of our portfolios.

Secondly, we may take more aggressive positions when the market rises by overweighting our exposure to equities and protect our clients when indicators signal it will fall by underweighting our exposure to the equity markets. In the event neither fixed income nor equity investments offer enough return to justify the risk, the portfolios can utilize cash in an attempt to preserve the principal entrusted to us.
The same algorithm that works to protect clients in volatile markets also works to maximize their investments when markets soar.

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Third Party Money Management

Because a segment of our business is dedicated to Private Clients, we understand and work with you not just as a Third Party Money Manager but as an Advisor with first-hand knowledge on the topics that are important to you and your clients as well as the service needed to maintain these relationships.

We designed Preston Wealth Advisors around a central idea: Offer a money management style to our institutional clients that we wanted as advisors for our own clients. Preston Wealth Advisors offers a spectrum of proprietary investment portfolios on multiple custodial platforms, focusing on principal protection and client asset growth. As a Third Party Money Manager, we provide the necessary investment resources to help you manage your client relationships and your book of business.  In offering a wide array of strategies, Preston Wealth Advisors is able to provide solutions for core portfolios in addition to strategy overlays that may complement your existing investment approach.

Our Portfolios, that use a mathematically based algorithm, provide the opportunity to monitor the market and are designed to navigate both up and down markets. Whether you designate a third party for the majority of your book of business or even for a segment of your in-house strategies, partnering with the seasoned team at Preston Wealth Advisors will provide you with the resources to offer options and solutions to your clients.

We believe we are the Third Party Money Manager that understands your business.

PWA ETF Portfolios- Closed to New Investors

PWA ETF Portfolios are relative strength, momentum based strategies that monitor price movement and statistical growth opportunities among a range of investments selected from the portfolio’s investment universe.  Using a mathematical algorithm and an exclusive scoring methodology, a combination of investments are selected based off of the opportunity present in the market and the overall portfolio investment objective.  A wide spectrum of portfolios are offered to cater to varying risk tolerances and investment objectives. Click on the title for more information.

PWA Core Portfolios

PWA's Core Hedged Portfolios combine four separate strategies running simultaneously. Each strategy looks to integrate three distinct disciplines of investment analysis which include: fundamental, technical & quantitative, while incorporating a different brand of asset allocation: tactical and strategic. The portfolios are managed to provide capital appreciation while reducing risk through engineered beta. All of the Core Hedged portfolios are constructed to remain "hedged" against both equity risk and interest rate risk at all times. Click on the title for more information.


Depending on the Investment Objective of the portfolio, Preston Wealth Advisors may be able to buy and sell in any sector at any time. In the event neither fixed income nor equity investments offer enough return to justify risk, each of our portfolios have the ability to move a portion or all assets to cash.

PWA Dynamic Portfolios

PWA Dynamic Portfolios use a quantitatively based, absolute return strategy with exposure to the U.S. Treasury market.  Aside from the PWA Dynamic Treasury Portfolio, the PWA Dynamic Portfolios utilizes multiple uncorrelated tactical strategies to capture price trends and positions assets to benefit from a rising or declining yield curve.  These blended Portfolios provide access to a hybrid approach blending the relative strength based PWA Tactical portfolios and the absolute return strategy.  The segment of the portfolio dedicated to U.S. Treasury exposure is designed to enhance active premium and dynamic risk protection.  Should you have interest in solely using a U.S. Treasury based portfolio as a standalone investment, PWA is happy to provide the solution by offering the PWA Dynamic Treasury portfolio. Click on the title for more information.

PWA Tactical Portfolios

PWA’s Tactical Hedged Equity is a multi-strategy portfolio designed for investors who want the ability to be able to take advantage of a declining equity market and are looking for a more actively managed strategy. Like many of our other strategies, this portfolio is comprised of four separate strategies running simultaneously inside one portfolio. Using a different brand of asset allocation; tactical or trend, each strategy looks to integrate distinct disciplines of investment analysis: tactical, technical, and quantitative. One of the components in this strategy has the ability to short the S&P 500, through the use of an ETF, should our short term indicators signal possible weakness in the S&P 500. Click on the title for more information.

Division of Labor

You want to focus on client service, developing relationships, and increasing your assets under management while someone else tends to the portfolios. Preston Wealth Advisors is the “someone else.” Partner with us, and achieve your goals.

Private Client Services

Preston Wealth Advisors offers the products and services to meet investor needs and our goal is to exceed their expectations. We focus on a lifestyle planning approach catering to our clients’ specific demands. Here are some of our capabilities!

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